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11 tools for planning and visualizing your next adventure

Team Faye
Jan 2, 2023

Trip planning is a blessing and a curse, but don’t fret there are tools to help you envision yourself in your destination whether it be days, weeks or even months in advance. These tools include apps to help you figure out which bus to take, the travel insurance you should buy and where to stay. Here’s a list of our 11 favorites:

1. Wanderlog

Wanderlog lets you make an interactive itinerary for your trip based on your interests, personal preferences and budget while helping you keep track of all the essentials - like lodging and transportation. Via the app you can also look into restaurant reviews, local guides, and more. Pull your favorite places from a recommendation list, share your plans with friends, import flights and reservations and export want-to-go locations. 

2. TripIt

If you need help keeping track of all your confirmations and reservations, TripIt is the app for you. You can send all your flight, hotel, excursions and even restaurant reservations via email and it will build you an itinerary. The app will then send you recommendations - like where to eat or cool places to check out based on your location. Some of our favorite features: you can add trip notes, save searches, and use an offline map viewer that will help you navigate your adventure. And you can share your itinerary with friends who are going to the same place or want to live vicariously through you. TripIt helps you feel secure knowing you’ve got everything in one safe place. 

3. Packpoint

Packpoint is the ultimate packing app. If you love to travel but packing isn't your thing, this app will definitely ease some travel tension. All you have to do is input your destination, add your travel start date, length, type of trip and select the activities you want to do. The app will then auto-generate a list based on your trip that you can customize to include exactly what you need, then check off the boxes as you pack each item into your suitcase. Think of this as a virtual packing list.

4. Skyscanner

If you’re looking for a good deal on flights or if you’re flying last minute, look no further than Skyscanner. Open to going anywhere? Fill in your desired dates or months of travel, then your desired departure airport, and then type in ‘Everywhere’ for your destination. The app will then pop up a list of places you can visit, from cheapest to most expensive. 

5. Alltrails

If you love the great outdoors as much as we do, then Alltrails is for you. The app helps you find hiking trails near and far, so you can use it to plan a last-minute day trek or to figure out where you want to explore on your next trip. Use the search filter to see nearby trails that are marked with the difficulty level, tap the desired path, and choose if you’re hiking, mountain biking or trail running. You can find starting points, endpoints, parking, and elevation information in the app to help you navigate your journey. It’s community-based meaning there are many recent reviews, which is helpful in understanding current conditions of the trails you’re looking into. For each trail, you can also see photos and share your experiences so others can get a grasp on the current conditions. 

6. Waze

If you want to road trip while you travel or even just rent a car to be able to get around in the city you’re staying in, Waze is a must-have. Its basic functionality is similar to Google Maps; in fact, Google actually owns this navigation and live traffic app. But Waze is more driver-focused and provides a more detailed look at the roads and traffic patterns than any other navigation app around. Its key feature is the ability for users like yourself to report what's going on en route, so if there’s traffic, construction, police, an accident or a speed camera, it will let you know ahead of time.

7. Google Maps

This may seem obvious, but Google Maps can be used for way more than a GPS tool to get from point A to point B. It’s a jack of all trades, also comparing prices at gas stations and helping you find the closest bakery, winery, supermarkets and restaurants that are open late. The key app feature you might not know about is offline maps - where you can choose an area and download the map to your phone to navigate without wifi or cell service. In Google Maps you can pin, star and save locations that you want to visit or add your new favorite locations to a list and share them with friends.

Google Maps app in a man's hand with a country road and fall tress in the background

8. Whatsapp

If you want to stay in touch with friends and family while abroad, this is the app for you. With more than two billion active users, WhatsApp is the most popular communication app in the world. You can send messages through wifi so you don’t need a SIM card or data plan to use it. It’s fully encrypted so all your messages and data are safe, and you can send pictures, videos, voice notes and even your live location securely in the chat. Not to mention, it’s widely used internationally meaning you can easily communicate with new friends you meet while adventuring.

9. Selina

Selina provides a modern solution to those looking to work and play while away from home. With stunning locations spread out across 163 destinations (and counting), as well as the experiences and coworking options all offered via their app. Selina is an optimal accommodation choice for those looking to socialize while working remotely. In-app you can connect with the Selina community and meet fellow travelers who will be staying at the same location as you.

10. Airbnb

See yourself staying on a one-of-a-kind cliffside villa on the Spanish coast? Or maybe a cottage in the Welsh countryside is more your speed? If unique vacation rentals are your preference for accommodation, Airbnb is the answer. Let your imagination run wild with their mansions, domes, beachfront or design-focused filters to gear up for your next stay. Airbnb also offers experiences including locally run tours, workshops and even virtual options, so you can discover the best of each destination wherever your travels take you. The best part - you can heart different options and create a new wishlist for every trip.

11. Faye

We couldn’t complete the list without our favorite app. Faye Travel Insurance offers a smart app for iOS or Android that enables you to cover your upcoming adventures and provide you with your destinations’ weather and COVID-19 updates and notifications about your flights. The best part is that you can chat with one of our Customer Support Specialists 24/7 - so if your flight is delayed or you just need a hotel recommendation, someone is always there to help. The app also provides you with access to Faye Wallet - our secure digital debit card that you can add to your phone’s wallet. With Faye Wallet, get digitally reimbursed for common travel inconveniences (like flight delays) in real-time then tap and pay, rather than paying out of pocket.

Creating peace of mind

Having the apps that speak to you installed before you take off will help you ease into that vacation vibe and land with some peace of mind. And for every trip, Faye’s got you covered with travel insurance that goes the distance to look after you. 

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